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Dr. Tracy Marrs
Educator, Speaker, Art-maker

Sample workshops

Reclaiming Medusa
Medusa Myth with Art
Victim mentality
Personal story ownership

Mandalas with Meaning
Culture and color theory
Art as self-awareness
Using Mandalas in classes

Perspective with Persephone
Unpacking the Myth
Examining the Archetypes
Connecting to self

Planets and their Mythic Names
Discover the meaning behind the names
Stories to connect
Visual creation and representations

Passion and Purpose

I taught literacy for nearly a decade in grades 6-12 and college by the time I began my research in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. This background led me to connect what I learned from my classes to my students.

The incorporation of art and story addressed my students’ needs in a more comprehensive way. It reached their social emotional needs implicitly while making connections academically. However, it wasn’t until I began unofficially offering workshops to the K-8 students at my children’s school that I realized the stories’ greater potential.

I began GallaMarrs Workshops for schools with the goal of offering meaningful interactions with archetypal literature and art to support classroom content and address students’ implicit learning needs.

Academic Reading and Writing programs are also available – these programs can be customized for 5 days to 18-week instruction. For more about the academic literacy programs, please click the button below.

Get in touch

I am always interested in talking about literature and how it applies to our society, our sense of self, and our schools. I offer workshops for students and also staff development workshops. If you have any questions, if you would like to create a specific program for your school’s needs, or if you are ready to book GallaMarrs for your school. Please don’t hesitate to email me at or call me at (909)213-4859.

30-minute workshop

Connect to the literature

Introduce and connect the ideas and story to the students.

Retelling of the story

Finding Meaning

Unpacking the story to uncover connections to the culture of others and to create understanding of our selves.

Creative connection

For example: painting, sand art, writing, or weaving.