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Academic Reading and Writing through Archetypal Literature and Self

Archetypal Literature

Archetypal literature is an academic term for stories that are universal – that contain characters and situations that connect to everyone. Archetypal literature has been used by humans for several thousand years to explain natural phenomena, to explain how to interact with each other, and to explain the various mysteries of life.
For my dissertation, I created a curriculum that connected the process for learning to read and write academically with archetypal literature to create layers of understanding and personal awareness that inspired success toward long-term goals. In the process of creating my final curriculum for college-level reading, I also created lessons for academic reading success in K-12.
Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about these lessons that integrate story, art, academics, and intrinsic learning.

Programs can be tailored to as few as 3 sessions but are ideally 10 sessions in length.



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