Stories and craft

My passion is storytelling. I love to share knowledge through stories. As a mythologist, I have presented on mythology, stories and their meaning, to a wide variety of audiences. Mythology goes beyond the Greek and Romans in texts as far back as 6,000 years ago to present day stories. The stories all contain the knowledge we need to create happiness in daily life, balance and well-being, and benefit our society. It sounds pretty deep (and it is) but I don’t like to be too heavy. 🙂 I like to keep it fun, interesting, and through in some painting, scavenger hunts, writing opportunities, or crafting. As a parent and educator, I can create a workshop for 1-5 students that merges education with entertainment for a unique learning experience.

Building and practical skills

My husband, Duane, is not a professional educator but he has taught many young men and women over the years how to build, fix, and modify homes and vehicles. As a parent, he taught his children and their friends the practical and professional skills they used to open their own businesses and lead successful careers in building and repair.

Duane is a carpenter by trade and a tinker/fixer as a hobby. He also has a passion for teaching people how to create and fix items like a bird house or teaching practical skills like hunting or fishing. Duane’s practical knowledge and patience make these small workshops enjoyable for any student old enough to handle small power tools or cast a line.

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