GallaMarrs Transformations

We offer educational workshops and tutoring in academic and practical interest knowledge.
Dr. Tracy also offers myth presentations, personal consulting, storytelling therapy, and archetypal mentoring.

Please click on the links below to learn more about our services.

Tracy is a professional educator and mythologist. Duane has built houses, fixed almost anything with a motor, and can teach outdoor and survival skills. Give us a call to see where your interests and our knowledge meet.

  1. Thank you. For my dissertation I created a course that incorporates Underground mythology with literacy to meet students academic literacy…


  1. Riley says:

    Mrs Tracy is my tutor is my tutor and she is amazing she teaches me about math and myths. I love her so much.


    1. TracyMarrs says:

      Thank you Riley – You have been such an awesome student. I hope you are having a wonderful winter break.


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