Medusa’s Mysteries

This course is broken into 9 lessons that are designed to improve communication skills, build academic confidence, and engage learners through the popular myth from ancient mythology.

Please contact me directly to sign up or to ask fir her questions.

Classes are currently being offered 1:1 or you can sign up with a friend. Since they are online and individualized – I can adapt the lessons to meet your various needs.

Links for more information can be found through the links below:



  1. I like this approach to myths and mythology. It moves beyond just being entertainment and into something substantial.

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    1. TracyMarrs says:

      Thank you. For my dissertation I created a course that incorporates Underground mythology with literacy to meet students academic literacy and intrinsic social emotional needs to have the inner strength to make it through community college.
      Myth can and should be used for all sorts of substantial things. I used it mostly to heal myself and now I want to share it with others on the path to themselves.

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