Kintsugi project completed!

I made this piece for a friend celebrating her 5 year sobriety anniversary. Even before I got to know her, I saw her posts on Facebook about her recovery and the pride she had in what she grew out of. I know it’s a big time anniversary for her and I’m proud of her even though I didn’t know her before or through her recovery. I thought a while about what to give her, then it hit me – kintsugi. I had interest in this ancient art but this was the inspiration I needed to try it out for myself. Next thing you know – I made a bunch of videos and a whole workshop at our community center. This was a wonderful project – reminded me of how I would put all my good thoughts and energy when I made someone a dream catcher. It was important for me to really concentrate on my intentions as I wove the center. Putting the vase back together was like that – I thought of my friend – what bits I knew about her life and what I know about the difficult underworld journey of recovery and putting me itself back together.

There is so much symbolism – I think doing this for someone else is meaningful, but making one for yourself I think is an especially powerful tool and if done in a mindful way. By focusing on remaking yourself whole – creating unity for yourself where it was broken and finding beauty in the scars. I am proud of my battle scars and I know she is too. That vase was ok but now – it has beauty, meaning, and shows strength through vulnerability. Wabi-sabi ❤️🦋

The videos are posted from finish to beginning (backwards) – I did this on purpose – I guess since I put them in order of which video I liked the best 🙂


  1. Deanna whitlock says:

    This is an awesome therapy idea. This could work and open up for a whole host of issues that need healing. Abuse recovery, Alcoholism recovery, Anger management, Autism therapy, ADHD therapy, Addiction recovery etc issues. You can open up a whole Pandora box of things to heal from with this project! Taking wounds and creating a symbolism of healing inside oneself. Can also just be just a creative form of art or art therapy(which works great with kids to open up). I absolutely love what your project can represent! ❤️ Your on to something good here Dr. Marrs

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    1. TracyMarrs says:

      Thank you Deanna!
      I can think of a million ways to apply this to therapy, for self discovery, for spiritual connection, team building – all kinds of things – just like mandalas are fluent with possible applications – meaningful art is meaningful because of what you (the artist) brings to the experience. ❤️ thank you for taking a moment to respond. I love to have discussion on ideas.


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