5 years with notes to Duane

Out of the darkness, he appeared – not silently, but with the crisp sound of frozen leaves crushed under a heavy footstep. You never were a ninja, my love.

I’m sure we must have spoken – I can’t remember anything but his eyes, his smile, and then … his embrace. We were beyond words.

Tenderly, he held me. I stood there, with the coolness in my face and his warmth wrapped around me. Even now I still feel you.

Together we witnessed as the Earth’s shadow crept softly across the surface of the moon. I felt the universe pull us together.

She was red and full – full of magic and love and possibilities. We had no idea of full.

Our moon – that moment – I knew. You were mine.

That was the moment I knew we belonged together – the whole universe opened to me in that moment and I knew that you were right for me. And I would forever be yours.

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