5 year anniversary – Super Blood Blue Moon

Out of the darkness, he appeared.

Not silently, but with the crisp sound of frozen earth crushed under a heavy footstep.

I did not know he was coming, but his arrival did not give me surprise.

I smiled; we must have spoken.

I remember only his eyes, his bright face, and then … his embrace.

Oh, his sweet embrace.

It was firm, yet full of tenderness – It felt like home.

With the cool night air blowing softly in my face and his warmth wrapped around me.

Together we witnessed as the Earth’s shadow crept softly across the surface of the moon.

I had been afraid to open my heart, until the moon – she whispered to my soul.

She was red and full – full of magic and love and possibilities.

Our moon – that moment – I knew.

Five years ago – exactly five years ago was the first time I felt our LOVE.

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  1. Duane Gallagher says:

    Yes, and what an amazing love it has been, and will always be. I love you my sweet angel.

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