Reclaiming Medusa

The real goal is community – we will gather, talk, eat, and “play” with paints, ideas, and my favorite … stories!
The story we will play with and transform Saturday is the story of Medusa. We once had a gathering that spontaneously became about Medusa, but this time I’ve done my research and I am ready to Reclaim Medusa.

The Medusa myth is one that many of us may know a little about – her violation in Athena‘s temple and and her curse of snake hair but going deeper, we see that Medusa was and always will be so much more.

Medusa predates the Greek stories that include Athena, Poseidon, and Perseus. What insight do those myths give us? And what about the myth we know? Are the snakes a punishment or protection? Is she empowered or tortured by Athena? Is she a victim, heroin, seductress, or a warrior? Medusa is none of those things and she is all of those things.
She is you. She is me. She is all of us, and next Saturday we will gather to reclaim Medusa and reclaim each other as we reclaim the stories through play.