Mindful Art in Your Space

For years, Dr. Tracy Marrs has been hosting mindful art experiences for adults and children. These “workshops” mix stories, art, and education for an experience that is fun like a paint night, but also can be full of depth and lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other.


Small group/party

Have a birthday, family get-together, or just want an excuse to get some friends together? Let me help you host a paint or fun art experience for you and your guest. This is ideal for groups that just want to have fun and play with art.
Base – $100

Mindful art for a group

This is my favorite thing to do with people. A mindful art experience takes stories from different cultures and explores the meaning through creative play and art. Click here for a video about mindful art with Gallamarrs.
Base – $100

Guest Speaking

With about 20 years in teaching and about 5 years leading workshops and a retreat – I’ve finally become comfortable with my own voice. I love to talk to people about mythology, meaning, and inspiration. I am available to speak on a variety of topics for your event.
Base – $50

Online mindful art

This is a new offering – I can offer online art sessions for individuals or small groups. For these sessions, we can focus on a theme with myth or make the artful experience forefront. Art can teach us much about ourselves and each other. Art can heal, it can teach, it can express, and it can be so much fun!
Base -$25


Tracy often shares her depth of knowledge and skills in literature to our community members by weaving literature and archetypal stories with art and creativity. She excels at distilling esoteric concepts and stories into modern-day understanding and integration.


Tracy is magical in the classroom! In addition to her time volunteering, she regularly substitutes on our campus with all ages/grade levels (TK-Grade 8). She has a wonderful rapport with all the students and they love working with her.


Let’s build something great together.